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Essential Questions: 

What is a map?
How are maps created?
How are maps helpful?
How do you use a compass rose?
How do you use a map key?


A map is a drawing or other representation, usually on a flat surface, of all or part of a celestial body's surface, ordinarily showing bodies of water, land surfacels, roads, etc.
Maps are tools people use to learn information, especially geographical information.
Topical and political maps are created by surveying a celestial body's geographical features, preferable using a 'bird's-eye-view', and then drawing those features accurately onto paper or other similar medium.
Maps help people find their way, learn information about the geographical features of places, or locate those geographical features.
A compass rose is an instrument for showing direction on a map.
A map key explains the features of a map.

Skills and Processes: 

Draw an imaginary island. Then create a 3-D representation of the drawing.
Draw a map of the island from a 'bird's eye view'.
Put a compass rose and a map key on the map of the island.
Play a directional game.


The finished product - an accurate map of an island, including a map key and a compass rose.


Map books.
Art materials.
Map video.