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Essential Questions: 

How do animals move?

How is the anatomy of various vertebrates and invertebrates adapted to allow their particular form of locomotion?

What is the microscopic structure of a muscle? Are all muscles the same?

How do muscles work at the molecular level?

What is bone?

How are the skeletons of a variety of mammals adapted for each animal's lifestyle (e.g. swimmers, diggers, climbers, flyers, bipedal walkers)?


Comparision of hydrostatic, external and internal skeletons

Dissection of a chicken wing

Investigation of bone structure and content

Microscopic investigation of muscle structure and contraction mechanism

Investigation of comparative mammalian skeletal anatomy using departmental collection


Skills and Processes: 

Observation and comparison


Experimental design


Lab reports

Microscopy drawings

End of unit test


Collection of skeletons and preserved animal specimens.