Introduction to Key Concepts

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Essential Questions: 

Do all organisms face the same challenges?

How do structures in living things reflect their function?

Is their a common hierarchical organization within the wide variety of body plans?

How do organisms control their internal environment?

How do organisms balance their energy requirements?



Learning to extrapolate the probable function of a structure by oberving its structure

A survey of various cells, tissues, organs and organ system across phyla

Use temperature control as an example of homeostasis and feedback loops

Skills and Processes: 

Looking at well-known organisms with a more detailed eye, identifying adaptations

Address misconceptions about animal form and function

Look at anatomical and physiological processes in an evolutionary context

Make link between concepts studied in Science I and II and a greater level of conceptual complexity in a higher level class


Class participation

Homework questions

In class reading quizzes/identification of adaptations in animal samples

End of unit test



Biology  (Cambpell, AP 8th edition)

Image bank of various organisms

Planet Earth (Attenborough, BBC Wildlife DVD)