Intro to Computer Programming

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Essential Questions: 
  • How is computer programming important in today's society?
  • How do gender differences impact participation in this field?
  • What is the basic structure and concepts of computer programming? 
  • How are creative thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving used in computer programming?
  • Statistics on the participation of women in computer science.
  • Uses of computer programming in today's society
  • Types of programming commands/blocks: Controls, Sensing, Operators, Loops, waits, reporters, variables, sounds, motion, appearance, broadcasts, lists, strings, boolean values
  • Elements of the software interface
  • Options in the paint editor



Skills and Processes: 
  • create sprites
  • create costumes
  • create stages
  • create scripts using various types of programming blocks
  • add sounds, photos, images from the internet
  • animate people/objects in a scene
  • use the paint editor
  • Holiday e-card Project
  • Rubric for assessing SCRATCH programs
  • Gender Based Attitude Survey
  • PowerPoint on the State of Computer Programming in the US
Multicultural Dimension: 

Gender-based unit

Integrated Learning: 

Art, design, problem-solving, technology, linear and logical thinking