Indoor and Outdoor Soccer

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Essential Questions: 

•Do students chose to practice on their own?
•How can I challenge myself beyond my normal comfort zone?
•What are the characteristics of highly skilled performance in a few movement forms?


*Goalie's box
*Penalties: direct vs. indirect
*Practice individual technique to help secure skills

Skills and Processes: 

*Side-foot pass
*Instep shot
*Control: side foot, thigh, chest
*Participate in a variety of games to enhance basic skills (cone soccer, line soccer, mat ball, Canadian rounders, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer)
*Participate in activities that encourage students to change positions and communicate information
*Participate in circuit training activities that focus on the skills and physical demands of soccer
*Illegal use of hands
*Forwards, midfielders, defenders, goalie
*Defensive stance
*Defensive team shape
*Offensive team shape


*Level of participation
*Identify positive and negative peer pressure
*Play within rules of game and activity
*Handle conflicts that arise with others without confrontation
*Make choices based on the safety of self and others
*Enjoy the aesthetic and creative aspects of performance
*Demonstrate principles of training and conditioning specifically for soccer
*Space and movement in offensive and defensive strategies
*Ability to secure new skills and strategies
*Ability to detect, analyze and correct errors in personal movement patterns


Indoor facility
Soccer fields
Soccer equipment
Weight room