Human Sexuality/Body Image

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Essential Questions: 

What is happening to my body?
How do babies grow?
How do I stay safe sexually?

What is abstinence?

What are my sexual organs and how do they function?

What is abuse?

What is sexual orientation?

How dos the media influence me?

What are common body image pressures in today's society?

What is an eating disorder?


Habits Of Mind: 

Visual, auditory,


*Cells, tissues, organs, body systems

*Fetal growth and development
*Reproductive system and human anatomy

*Gender tollerance

*understanding orientation

*exploring body image issues

*Defining eating disorders

*Understanding how media influences social norms.

*Understanding how abstinence keeps you safe and healthy

*Brief overview of child abuse and the law




Skills and Processes: 

*Identify the relationships between cells, tissues, organs, and other body systems during pregnancy
*Student can identify fetal growth and developmental stages
*Identify strategies and functions of the reproductive system

*Identify differences in sexual orientation

*Student conceptually understands the idea of tolerance

*Students strengthen their awareness of media influence on them

*Students can identify the risks and potential hazzads of an eating disorder and know when to access help for themself or others

*Identify what sex abuse is and know how to report it for themselves or others


inclass participation and contribution to discussion of concepts that reflects understanding

written film notes

personal reflection and journaling




Human Reproduction-National Geographic Film

Health ETR Curriculum

library books



Multicultural Dimension: 

Sexual Diversity

Integrated Learning: 

reference and tie in with drug and alcohol unit regarding drug impacts during neonatal development

Social norming drugs and alcohol using FCD data

Social norming for sexual orientation