Generalizing Patterns - Pre Algebra Review

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Essential Questions: 

·What information do numbers give us?
·How can you manipulate numbers?
·What types of generalizations can be made given different patterns?


*Pre-algebra review
*Basic operations
*Prime factorization
*Order on a number line
*Terminology: integers, rationals, even, odd, prime, squares, cubes, powers, etc.
*Very large and very small numbers
*Exact vs. approximate
*Order of operations
*Equations and inequalities
*Translating verbal phrases
*Problem solving
*Real number operations (fractions etc)
*Graphs of patterns
*Tables of patterns
*Equations of patterns
*Function Notation

Skills and Processes: 

*Evaluate expressions using grouping symbols
*Evaluate algebraic expressions with variables
*Evaluate algebraic expressions with exponents
*Realize importance of priority of operations
*Combine like terms
*Solve equations with inequalities
*Translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions
*Create a problem solving plan
*Solve problems with all operations with integers
*Given a pattern, represent it through tables, graphs or equations
*Use and understand function notation




Textbook: Algebra I, Holt
Calculator: TI-84 Plus