Frisbee golf

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Essential Questions: 

*What is frisbee golf
*Where can I find a frisbee golf course
*What are the different kinds of frisbees used
*How can I make this an aerobic experience


*Fundamental differences in frisbees
*Proper and different grips used for throwing a frisbee
*How to keep score (same format as golf)
*How to improvise equipment and a course anywhere you are

Skills and Processes: 

*Teach the kids the 2 main grips used in throwing a frisbee and the advantages of one over the other
*Teach the kids the proper throwing motion and show them how to manipulate the flight of the frisbee
*Teach the kids how to keep score using the golfing scoring method
*Show the kids how to play aerobic frisbee golf and casual frisbee golf
*Give the kids the information on the 2 golf courses available in the Portland metro area


*The obvious assessment is the decrease or increase in scores
*The time needed to complete a course will be another common assessment not just of skill level but fitness levels
*Ability to turn in an accurate scoring card and understanding the scoring system used which will transfer over to golf


2 frisbee golf courses in the Portland area. Rules of PE games and nontraditional PE lesson plans online

Multicultural Dimension: 

Frisbee golf is a game that could be implemented anywhere and the equipment you use could very enormously. It is something that would be easy to setup in any type of environment if you have the imagination to do so. The golf scoring system is common throughout the world, but better yet, counting to 10 is pretty common in most cultures which gives you an easy method of keeping score if desired.