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Essential Questions: 

*What basic skills do I need to play recreational football
*What kinds of games are available to be inclusive of all skill levels
*How do I catch and throw a football
*What are things I can do personally to ensure the safety of others


*Catching and Throwing Technique
*Understanding how to maximize the advantage of space to create advantages
*Learning several different games to create an inclusive environment for all participants

Skills and Processes: 

*Teach the kids the diamond method for catching a football
*Establish a confidence in each individual student to catch the ball
*Teach the kids the proper grip using either 2 or 3 stitches on the football
*Teach smaller group games that don't emphasize competition, decrease the size of the field of play and create games that emphasize skill development


*Individual observation of catching and throwing ability and progression
*Feedback from the kids at the end of the unit


PE textbooks, personal experience refereeing college intramurals

Multicultural Dimension: 

One of the most popular recognized sporting events in the US. A game that can be watched or played regularly, regardless of exposure because of the 2 basic skills of throwing and catching involved. Carries many related rules to other similar national games such as rugby and European football.