Fluent (ages 9-12)

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Essential Questions: 

• How do I make critical comparisons between texts?
• How does perspective impact the interpretation of text?
• How can I challenge texts, drawing on evidence from my own experiences?
• How do I gain enjoyment through reading?
• How do I gain enjoyment through being read to?


*Uses a range of strategies automatically when constructing meaning from text:
-slows down
*Reads and comprehends text that is abstract and removed from personal experience
*Makes inferences based on implicit information drawn from a text and can provide justification for these inferences
*Returns purposefully to make connections between widely separated sections of a text
*Uses word identification strategies appropriately and automatically when encountering an unknown word:
-knowledge of sound-symbol relationships
-knowledge of word patterns
-knowledge of word derivations, prefixes, suffixes and syllabification