Floor Hockey

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Essential Questions: 

*How can I be safe
*What are the core rules of Hockey
*What skills are crossover skills from other sports
*What kinds of activities can we learn to involve everyone at anytime and anyplace
*What kinds of things can be used as substitutes in the games


*Kids must learn court dimensions and important lines
*Kids will be able to control, pass and move the puck
*What kinds of strategies need to be used in this game

Skills and Processes: 

*Students will work on passing skills, coralling the puck and moving the puck in a controlled manner
*Students will be able to move a stick from side to side
*Kids will be shown the importance and proper technique for safe shots, keeping a low stick and having a low follow through
*Past sports will be used as a reminder of spacing, the importance and how to space in a hockey environment
*Simple strategies such as give and go and one-timers will be given
*Basic hockey terminology will be covered and taught


*Ability to put the puck into the goals
*Observation of the consistency in accurate passing
*Amount of repetitions each kid can continue while moving the puck without losing it
*Ability to team and maintain spacing and use simple game strategies
*Feedback from the kids as to what is working and not working


PE textbooks and past experience playing college intramurals.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Hockey is an Olympic sport. Though popular in the United States, it has been dominated by the Canadians and Russians which gives it an international flavor. Most kids are familiar with hockey because it is shown on TV. I think that addressing the question of why so few people of color play the game professional is a great lead in a discussion question. Are the kids even aware of that, do they care and what is the significance if any?