Expanding (ages 7-9)

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Essential Questions: 

• How do I respond critically to what we read?
• How do I use various reading strategies to comprehend different genres?
• How do I choose texts at my own reading level?
•How do I gain enjoyment through reading?
•How do I gain enjoyment through being read to?


*Shows an ability to construct meaning by integrating knowledge of:
-text structure (such as: letter, narrative, report, recount, procedure)
-text organization: (such as: paragraphs, chapters, introduction, conclusion, contents, page, index)
-language features (such as: descriptive language connectives such as because, therefore, if...then)
-subject specific language (such as: the language of reporting in science and the language of a journalistic report)
*Can retell and discuss texts by providing information relating to plot and character, including a main idea and supporting details
*Recognizes generalizations in texts, such as: a mother looking after her children at home, a prince rescuing a maiden from her evil stepmother, and discusses their implications
*Selects appropriate material and adjusts reading strategies for different texts and different purposes, such as: skimming to locate specific information
*Is becoming efficient in the use of the following word identification strategies for constructing meaning:
-sounds-out to decode words
-uses initial letters as a cue to decoding
-uses known parts of words to make sense of the whole word
-uses blending to decode words