Emergent (ages 4-6)

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Essential Questions: 

• Why do I want to learn to read?
• What will I find out if I read?
• What do I need to know so I can learn to read?
• How do I know what sounds go with which symbols?
• How do I recognize the patterns in print so I can read new things?
• What words do I need to learn that I see over and over again?
• What is a word?
• What do the spaces between words mean?
• Where on the page do I begin to read?
• How do I combine sounds to understand printed words?
• How do words and illustrations work together?
• How do I gain enjoyment through reading?
• How do I gain enjoyment through being read to?


*Print conveys meaning
*Print stays the same through repeated readings
*Print is the saving of oral information
*Ideas are communicated and preserved in print
*There are sound - symbol relationships
*There are sound - symbol combinations and patterns
*A word is a string of sounds in sequence
*Spaces separate words
*There are certain repetitive words to remember