Drugs and Alcohol I

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Essential Questions: 

How do I keep myself and others safe?

Habits Of Mind: 

visual, kinesthectic, auditory


How does addiction occur in the neuron and synaptic regions of the brain?

How does tolerance impact the brain at the cellular level?

What body organs are effected by drugs and alcohol, both short and long term impacts?

Why is the liver different in a teenager vs. an adult and how does this put teens at greater risk for addiction?

In the brain's bio-chemical structure, how does depression and loss of pleasurable feelings occur after moderate use?

Why do alcohol, marijuana and other drugs impair memory?

Why do alcohol, marijuana and other drugs cause accidents?

How can someone who has a problem get help?

What are some strategies for remaining free of chemical dependency?

How does delaying use during puberty positively impact one to be at lower risk for addiction as an adult?

Why do positive peer environments provide the best safegaurds and create the helathiest teen choices?

How does Marijuana act in your body?

How does nicotine effect your body?

How to report drug and alcohol concerns to an adult

How to access 911 in a drug or alcohol related emergency



Skills and Processes: 

Students will be able to  describe the effects of drugs and alcohol as it pertains to physical, emotional, social and legal implications and make learning connections in class discussion.

Student will clearly write about content and applications to real life.

Student will practice analyzing situations and evaluating appropriate responses.

Students will role play and practice using assertiveness skills.


pre and post tests to evaluate learning.

journal and DVD notation

participate in class discussions describing and understanding of D and A issues


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Alert

Human Relations Media Inc.


Multicultural Dimension: 

Discuss cultural norms and values around alcohol and drug use European vs. United States


Integrated Learning: 

Integrates with content on neonatal development