Drama 8

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Essential Questions: 

How can we use drama to engage with and explore events and issues relevant in our individual lives and in the life of our community?

How can we use drama to communicate?

How can we use theatrical performance to engage our community with an event and/or issue?

How does trust increase creativity?

How do we build a supportive, creative ensemble?



Using dramatic exercises, students collaborate creatively to create an original "devised" performance piece that addresses themes, issues and events relevant to their lives. This piece is performed for the middle school community (and sometimes in public performances)

- Buiding Trust and Creating Ensemble

- Theatrical Conventions

- Collecting Source Materials

- Group Exploration and Improvisation

- Script Writing

- Public Performance



Skills and Processes: 

Collaborating and negotiating with a group to create an original "devised" theatrical piece

Discuss and analyze themes and events and how they affect one personally as well as globally.


Writing personal narrative

Interpreting text for performance (including personal narratives, short stories, poetry, news sources and music lyrics)

Interpreting a theme through individual and group movement

Integrating theatrical conventions to interpret a theme, issue and/or event

Public speaking

Public performance


Performance notes

Self Assessment


Theatre of the Oppressed - Augusto Boal

Games for Actors and Non-Actors - Augusto Boal

The Viewpoints Book: A Practial Guide to VIewpoints and Composition - Anne Bogart and Tina Landau

Theatre for Community Conflict and Dialogue: The Hope is Vital Training Manual - Michael Rohd

Theatre Games for the Classroom - Viola Spolin



Multicultural Dimension: 

Topics for devised performances have included:

immigration (Mexican/U.S. border issues)

Arab Spring

Diversity at Catlin Gabel

Changing perception of the United States in the Global community

Personal and community identity



Economics of Coffee Production

Global Hunger