Dodgeball games

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Essential Questions: 

*How can I absolutely be as safe as possible and still have fun?
*What are the different kinds of games that we can play and can we minimize the intimidation factor?
*How can I monitor myself and assure everyone feels comfortable?


*Learn safety and strategies that are group friendly
*Learn games that can minimize the intimidation and increase the safety level
*Guide the strategies used during the games

Skills and Processes: 

*We will be readdressing throwing skills, reaching back with our arm, extending on the follow-through and finishing with a snap of the wrist
*We will look at protecting space and using peripheral visioin. We will have a couple tasks where the kids are exposed to their peripheral vision, for many the first time and understanding the importance in not just activities but our daily lives
*They will learn how to set up several different games, including obstacles that can increase the challenge and activity level in the game


*This will be another chance to evaluate throwing accuracy and form and the progress the kids have made
*Their strategic skills will once again be highly tested in team play and individual play
*Sportsmanship and teamsmanship are two things that I will be looking for exclusively in these games


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