Developing (ages 6-8)

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Essential Questions: 

• What are the different genres?
• What are the various reading strategies?
• How do I discuss and question what I read?
• What is the author's perspective?
• How do I make and share experiences and connections related to what I read?
• How do I gain enjoyment through reading?
•How do I gain enjoyment through being read to?


*Reads unfamiliar texts slowly and deliberately as they focus on reading exactly what is on the page
*Reads familiar texts confidently and can retell major content from visual and printed texts, such as: language experience recounts, shared books, simple informational texts
*Identifies and talk about a range of different text forms, such as: letters, lists, recipes, stories, newspaper and magazine articles
*Demonstrates understanding that all texts, both narrative and informational, are written by authors who are expressing their own ideas
*Focuses on decoding when reading unfamiliar texts. May read word-by-word or line-by-line, thus compromising fluency and comprehension
*Uses pictures as cues and knowledge of context to check meaning
*Has a bank of words which are recognized when encountered in different contexts, such as: in a book, on the board, in the environment or on a chart