Curiosity Quest ( a multi-genre research project)

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Essential Questions: 

What kind of questions are "researchable"?
What is "good" research and how do I find meaning and interpret findings?
How do I best communicate research findings? 

Habits Of Mind: 

Organization of research materials

Coordination of meetings with field experts

Time management



Skills and Processes: 

Designing a research question

Collecting, storing, and classifying research materials

Active reading-both literal and inferential (includes annotating texts)

Synthesizing and interpreting research

Reflecitve writing in an interactive response journal

Planning, pre-writing, writing, editing, and revising a written report

Collaborative group work in small and large groupings

Critical Response Process



Interactive Response Journals
Group Presentation (with rubrics)
Periodic Self-evaluations


Various books, periodicals, poetry, documentaries, interviews, galleries, and museums

Multicultural Dimension: 

Varied--Depends on the student's question

Integrated Learning: 

Coordinated with local community and other grade level content areas