Cultural Games/Activities

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Essential Questions: 

*What kinds of games and activities are played and popular in other cultures
*Why is it important


*Kids will be exposed to different cultural games or activities
*Kids will learn the important components; rules, processes, importance for the given game or activities covered for the unit

Skills and Processes: 

*The process will vary greatly depending upon the given games or activities being taught
*For the 2004-05 year, we will cover 2 things: Cricket, Hawain Dance and music.
*Student's will learn a Hawian dance along with the words to the music that will then be performed at the Gym Fest
*A friend of mine and Native Hawian will be teaching us the dance and music
*Cricket will also be taught, the 2 main types of cricket played, the 5 core rules, how to swing the stick, run the bases, pitch the ball and keep score. Mike Davis will be giving some assistance and strategy used in the game


*Success of the students during their performance for Gym Fest
*Ability to perform the pitching, hitting, and running piece of cricket
*Short written test that will be used to measure retention of the all the games rules we have learned


*Varies according to the activities. Teachers, books, personal experience.

Multicultural Dimension: 

*This is a huge piece of a successful multicultural part in PE. Teaching the kids another part of a culture, the games or activites that are important to them, why, history etc. This creates a well rounded understanding of the activity side of other cultures and often leads us to understanding our surrounding environments.