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Essential Questions: 

*Why learning a game such as Croquet might be significant later in life
*What are the rules
*Where did the game originate


*Equipment and terminology used in the game
*Layout of the game
*Types of games played in Croquet
*How to use your mallet to hit the ball

Skills and Processes: 

*Kids will learn the names of the equipment first
*Kids will experiment with setting up their own Croquet course
*I will teach the kids how to play poison Croquet, Team Croquet, & Speed Croquet
*The kids will work on hitting the ball with the mallet and progress in their accuracy skills. They will also learn how to launch an opponents ball.


*The ability to setup a challenging course and understanding how to make this game more physically challenging
*Accuracy in putting the mallet head on the ball
*Skill of launching and opponents ball
*Ability to remember the different rules of the games


History of the game of Croquet. The rules of Croquet. Online PE alternatives

Multicultural Dimension: 

The natural multicultural aspect of Croquet is that it originated in Europe. The exact source is up for debate. It is believed that it originated from a similar French game. The game shitfted into Ireland and England in the 1850's.