Content Standards in P.E.

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Essential Questions: 

How can I be healthy physically?
How can I develop motor skills?
How should I behave in P.E.?
How should I treat others in P.E. class?
How do I show that I accept differences in others?
In what ways can I use my physical skills?

Habits Of Mind: 

Working interdependently
Taking thoughtful risks


*Movement forms and concepts
*Motor skills
*Attributes of a physically active lifestyle
*Ways to demonstrate respect differences in others
*Connection of physical activity to
-personal enjoyment
-social interaction

Skills and Processes: 

*Use and refine fundamental skills (running, skipping, throwing, striking)
*Develop specialized skills to be used in increasingly complex movement environments
Application of movement concepts and principles
*Develop movement vocabulary
*Application of concepts to real-life activity
*Use of knowledge to acquire new skills and refine existing skills
Attributes of Active lifestyle
*Connections between physical education class and outside physical activities
*Attributes of a healthy lifestyle
*Identification of attributes of an active, healthy lifestyle
*Awareness of cause and effect relationships
Maintenance of physical fitness
*Ways to develop higher levels of basic fitness
*Cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition
*Awareness of fitness and maintenance components
*Importance of overall fitness
*Personal responsibility for fitness
Responsible personal and social behavior in physical activities
*Development of self-initiated behaviors for successful participation in activities
*Identification of safe practices, adherence to rules and procedures, etiquette, cooperation and teamwork, ethical behavior in sports, and what constitutes positive social interactions (classroom rules and procedures and cooperative behavior)
*Develop respect for individual differences
*Recognize individual similarities and differences
*Participate cooperatively in physical activities


Dayton Sensory Motor Assessment
Prudential Fitnessgram Assessment
Cooper Institute assessment materials


Cooper Institute materials
Phyllis Wycart
Moving Into the Future -National Standards for Physical Education
National Association for Physical Education and Sport materials
Oregon Department of Education materials