Measurement and the Metric System

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Essential Questions: 
  • How and why did systems of measurement first evolve?
  • How and why was the metric system invented?
  • Why is it important to learn the metric system?
  • How is the metric system different from and similar to our system?
  • What are the units of measurement in the metric system?



  • History of measurement
  • Evolution of the English Customary System
  • Units of measure in the Customary System
  • Design, invention and history of the Metric System
  • The difference between Length, Volume, Mass and Weight
  • Units of measure in the Metric System and how they were defined
  • Metric prefixes and symbols
  • Advantages of the metric system



Skills and Processes: 
  • Powers of ten; exponent review
  • Decimal place value
  • Estimating quantities in metric units
  • Converting between units within each system
  • Use of appropriate measuring tools
  • <Introduction to negative exponents and scientific notation>
  • Metric Pre-Test
  • Estimetrics Game
  • Watermelon Relay Team Test
  • Written Test
  • EQUALS Watermelon Activity
  • Estimetrics - CSUS
  • Internet
  • Powers of Ten DVD
Multicultural Dimension: 
  • Evolution of measurement in different cultures; universality of measurement
  • Historical development of the English Customary System
  • Historical development of the Metric System in France
  • International usage of the Metric System
Integrated Learning: 
  • Use of the metric system in science
  • Use of lab equipment for measuring
  • Historical development of measurement (6th grade humanities)
  • Calibration of the human body (6th grade science)