Conflict Resolution

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Essential Questions: 

*When I have a conflict, how do I work it out?
*What are my options?


*Strategies for working out problems
*When to get an adult's help

Skills and Processes: 

*Demonstrate use of conflict resolution strategies
-Cool off
-Identify the problem.
-Say how they feel
-Listen to the other person's feeling
-Brainstorm solutions
-Choose best solution
-Leave with a handshake acknowledging the conflict has been put to rest


*Teacher observation of role-playing and discussion
*Small group discussions and verbal sharing with class


*Classroom Conflict Resolution Initial Curriculum and Training in the Lower School, follow-up training, evaluation of conflict skills and feedback by Jonathan Weedman.

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Communicating successfully with people that have different learning styles, cultural backgrounds, definition of conflict, etc.
*People can have a different perspective about the same incident