Classroom Application: Movement - Dance

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Essential Questions: 

*What can my feet do to move in different ways?
*How can I use my body to show different types of movements?
*What can I call different ways of moving?
*Can I follow a pattern set to music?

Habits Of Mind: 

Creative self-expression


This unit is taught throughout the course of the year.
*Locomotor activities: stepping, walking, galloping, jumping, hopping, leaping
*Non-locomotor activities: balancing activities, twisting, curling, turning, spinning, circling, stretching, gesturing, rising, sinking
*Methods for increasing versatility in movement
*Space levels: high and low
*Pathways of movement: e.g. straight, curvy, zig zag -
*Actions of body parts: leading and supporting the body
*Timing of movements: fast, slow, sustained, sudden
*Games for learning movement

Skills and Processes: 

*Travel in a variety of ways, demonstrating understanding of locomotor movements
*Show contrast of light and strong
*Travel to different tempos
*Travel independently by moving into empty, open spaces
*Combine pathways of movement
*Show spatial awareness of others
*Participate in games like Follow the Leader
*Demonstrate differences between fast, sudden movement and slow, sustained movement
*Differentiate between light, soft gentle movement and strong, hard firm movement
*Control the flow of movement by following commands for pausing or stopping, holding a specific position
*Explore and use a variety of locomotor movements to rhythmical and musical accompaniment
*Explore a variety of traveling actions while rising, sinking, and pausing without losing concentration
*Use the names of ways of traveling (e.g. galloping)
*Demonstrate more independence in controlling movements (sharing the dance space)


Checklist for Locomotor Development (Robertson and Halverson)
Participation in class activities
Individual growth in balance and locomotor skills
Ability to apply locomotor skills
Growth in accuracy of movement to a musical beat
Increasing mature motor patterns
Individual ability to control and vary movements