Characteristic Properties of Matter

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Essential Questions: 

How do we know when two substances are different?
What is the difference between a property of an object and a property of a substance?
What is the relationship between the mass of an object and the volume of an object?


density, boiling point, freezing point are independent of the size and shape of objects,
density, boiling point and freezing point are characteristic properties of matter.

Skills and Processes: 

1- determine the freezing points of substances such as water, salt water, naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene,
2- determine the melting points of the same substances,
3- organize and collect data over time.
4- graph data using appropriate scale, units and labels.
5- interpret data on a graph.
6- determine boiling points of substances.
7- distinguish between substances using boiling point.
8- determine density of regular solids, irregular solids.
9- determine density of liquids and gases.
10- use significant figures in division and multiplication calculations.
11- properly use scientific notation.
12- distinguish and identify unknown substances by comparing experimental data with accepted values.


comprehensive unit test,
practical laboratory exam in which they must distinguish between three unknown liquids,
cooperative group project in which they will create a classroom density gradient using liquids of unknown density and miscibility


Introductory Physical Science, 7th edition, Haber-Schiam,Cutting, Kirksey, Pratt

Multicultural Dimension: 

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