Bridging (ages 8-11)

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Essential Questions: 

• Genre
--How do I select an appropriate writing genre to fit my purpose?
• Pre-writing
--What are the different strategies or models for organizing my writing- which are most appropriate for my purpose?
• Revising
--How can I improve my writing?
--How can revision add detail to my writing?
--How can I make my writing more clear and compelling?
• Mechanics/editing
--How can I improve the mechanics of my writing?
--How do the mechanics of my writing impact my reader?
--How can I edit my work for clarity?
• Models: Reading/Writing connections
--How do literary devices improve my writing?
• Voice
--How can I express who I am in my writing?


*Authors have a purpose when they write
*Writers choose different genres to fit their purpose
*Prewriting helps to map out a piece of writing
*Different organizational strategies help to plan
*Different planning strategies are appropriate at different times
*Varied sentence structure adds life to writing
*Paragraphs contain related information and begin with a topic or lead sentence
*Subject-specific vocabulary enriches writing
*Revision adds detail and interest to writing
*Revision helps to clarify writing by helping writers to zero in on the specific subject at hand
*Revision makes writing more powerful by using active nouns, adjectives and verbs
*Proofreading helps readers understand your work
*My voice can impact my reader's experience
*My voice can help persuade a reader to understand my point of view