Bridging (ages 8-11)

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Essential Questions: 

• Is reading purposeful and automatic?
• How do I gain enjoyment through reading?
• How do I gain enjoyment through being read to?


*Is becoming efficient in using most of the following strategies for constructing meaning:
-makes predictions and is able to substantiate them
-self-corrects when reading
-re-reads to clarify meaning
-reads-on when encountering a difficult text
-slows down when reading difficult texts
-substitutes familiar words
-uses knowledge of print conventions
*Makes meaningful substitutions, such as: when reading cool drink, they read cold drink
*Can discuss and examine the purposes of different text structures, such as: reports, procedures, biographies, narratives, advertisements, and documentaries
*Has an increasing bank of sight words, including some difficult and subject-specific words, such as: immigration, experiment, colonial, indentured
*Is becoming efficient in the use of the following word identification strategies for constructing meaning:
*Uses knowledge of common letter patterns to decode words, such as: tion, scious, ough
*Uses prefixes, suffixes, and syllabification to understand the meaning of words