Birth Control/STDs

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Essential Questions: 

What is happening to my body?

How do I keep my changing body safe?

Habits Of Mind: 

Visual, auditory, kinesthetic


Reproductive systems

Fetal growth and development

Communicable and non-communicable diseases

oral sex

Herpes, Warts, HPV, Chlamydia


Abstinence and introduction to birth control

Importance of religious and family values related to sexual activity

Emotional readiness and maturation process, precursors to sexual activity

Sex abuse and the law




Skills and Processes: 

Students will learn how conception occurs

Identify how the reproductive cycle functions

Examine and recognize the maturity and emotional readiness needed before entering a relationship

Prevent spread of STDs and communicable diseases

Recognize child abuse and know the procedure for reporting and accessing adult help



journal entries

film notes

fact sheets


DVD Media Relations

Miracle of Life a Nova Film

Centers for Disease control

Health ETR lessons

Guest speaker

Multicultural Dimension: 

Religious and cultural differences in sexual expectations

Integrated Learning: 

scientience and biology applications