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Essential Questions: 

What is a bat?
What adaptations do bats have that help them survive in their habitat?
What are the habitats of bats?
What are the similarities and difference between microbats and megabats?
Why are bats becoming endangered?
How can people protect bats?
How are bats helpful to the earth?


Bats are mammals.
Bats have body adaptations to survive in their habitats.
Microbats are small on average, eat insects, migrate, and live in temperate zones.
Megabats are larger than microbats, eat fruit, and live in tropical zones.
People are destroying bat habitats by farming, building, and logging.
People can protect bats by saving their habitats and educationg others.
Bats help the earth by pollinating plants, eating harmful insects, and providing a natural fertilizer.

Skills and Processes: 

Read books about bats.
Complete a research paper about five kinds of bats.
Create a bat's skeleton from toothpicks.
Participate in an activity about bats' senses of smell and hearing.
Use the Audubon Society's bat activity kits.
Watch Bat Conservation International's videos.
Write a math story problem incorporating bats and their habitats.


Story problem.
Make your own bat and describe its habitat.


Audubon activity kits.
Videos from Bat Conservation International
AIMS books about bat activities for students.
Bat books.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Bats' impact on the habitats of other countries and cultures.