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Essential Questions: 

*What are the components and skills needed in basketball
*What skills do I need to acquire and improve if I'm interested in team basketball
*Why is basketball such a popular recreational game
*What kinds of games can I learn to keep basketball fun and long lasting in my life


*Learning what an athletic stance is
*Learning the triple threat position and its importance in the game
*Proper mechanics of shooting, dribbling and passing a basketball
*Court dimensions, players and positions on the court
*Core rules and etiquete of the game

Skills and Processes: 

*Dribbling skills that progress through both right and left hand and from slower speeds to faster speeds and finally from looking at the ball and not looking at the ball
*Work on a chest pass, progressing to a bounce pass, overhead pass and one handed pass. Work with a stationary target from different distances and progress to a moving target
*Work on shooting technique starting without a ball progress to a ball against the wall and then standing at the side of the hoop and then increasing distance as comfort level increases
*Use smaller hoops for those not strong enough to shoot properly at 10 foot hoops. Technique is more important that hoop height
*Teach the triple threat position in which the kids can shoot, dribble or pass from and show how to establish a pivot foot to maximize the triple threat position to create space.
*Teach some simple game strategies such as setting a screen and backcutting on your defensive player. Show how to establlish position and ask for the ball and put a couple simple plays.
*Show the kids how to move their feet defensively and stress that this is the one part of the game that skill level is not as important as effort level and that anyone can play defense if they are willing to work at it.
*Play some 3 on 3 games and finish up with some 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 full court games


*Ability levels to dribble with both hands
*Evaluation of shooting techniques
*Progression in game strategy and skills used


Coaching, books, past formal team play, basketball camps.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Basketball has become a world wide sport and has long been an Olympic sport bringing all cultures together for decades. With the addition of European and other cultural stars in the NBA, basketball continues to grow world wide while maintaining the core set of rules associated with the game at the highest levels.