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Essential Questions: 

*Why is baseball such an important part of American History
*Who are some of the key players in the evolution of baseball
*Why are the essential skills needed to particpate in baseball/softball
*How do I hold a bat
*How do I throw a ball
*What are the positions and what area do they cover


*History of the game and important figures
*The 3 components of the game, running, catching, hitting
*Positions, responsibilities
*Strategies of the game

Skills and Processes: 

*We will readdress proper throwing technique covered in previous units and practice the grip used on a baseball
*Proper grip, stance and major mechanics of hitting will be covered including hitting drills of a tee, soft toss, live pitching from me and possibly some live pitching from other kids
*We will work on catching skills, starting with no mits and a soft ball, progressing to a hard ball, then mits and a softball, and then mits and a hard ball. We will also progress in the height of the flyball and how to field a ground ball out in front of your body
*Baserunning will be addressed first with the run from home to first. We will then talk about how to lead off a base and how to steal a base. We'll finish by covering how to finish running the bases from 1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd and 3rd to home. Running to the base or through the base has many variables dependent upon the game situation.
*Depending on time available, bunting, game situation and more in depth pitching related situations will be covered.


*The ability of the kids as a whole to simulate an inning of baseball without feedback will be the final assessment
*Many of the other assessments are continuing assessments from other sports such as the ability to throw the ball to a target and put an object to a ball. At this point, I will looking at the the past history of the students and measuring the improvement they have made in other similar activities that involved throwing and hitting an object. Consistency and proper mechanics is more important than distance and power
*A short quiz including other subject areas covered in PE for the spring will be administered to evaluate retention of rules and strategy


Played college softball, played recreational summer leagues and unpired college intramurals.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Baseball has a huge significance in our society. Jackie Robinson's name in the black culture is often compared in significance with MLK. Roberto Clemente's name has the same impact in the hispanic culture. In today's game, people like Ichiro and Hideo Matsue carry an enormous following from the asian culture. Baseball has brought recognition to each of these culture in the United States through Baseball. Baseball carries the highest percentage of cross-cultural players of any sport in the United States and the media has made sure we notice. Our National Pastime has started to expand by playing games in Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico and beyond each year. The expansion of where the game is played continues to grow as will the people from other cultures playing the game.