Art History/Studio

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Essential Questions: 

Does art always reflect dominant elements of culture -How is art represented  by other Cultures? Who makes art and why? -Does life experiences, cultural origins, techniques and materials influence the creation of art?
-How does art reflect what a culture is? Do cultures always appreciate what artists say?


*Students reserch periods of art or an artists. They look at the artist's life, artists training, and how the world they lived in influences them. Students choose to create a work ir work in the style of their chosen artist. They must use appropriate materials, technology and design elements to realize their work.

Skills and Processes: 

*Students will create two works in the style of their artists or period art. They may create work in that is either like an original or just in the style of their chosen artist* They also create an art work for a  cooperative mural that is both a design problem and another opportunity to work in the style of their chosen artist. The last assigned work is a self portrait that is is not representational but reflects elements and values of the students life. Students may do a series or create a self directed course of study.*Students are encouraged to problem solve and experiment with media to realize their ideas.


Work is looked through Peer critiques, *Class critiques, Individual critiques, self/assessments, Teacher narratives and Student/teacher conferences.


Current art periodicals, books, art cataloges and Web based sources that include; individual artists web sites, gallery and museum web sites.

Other source include visits to Artist shows, studios and Gallery and Art museums.

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Students are not limited to any time period, Ethnicity or culture. Presentations are made that reflect; diverse ehtinic, historcal as wellas 

justaposed cultural periods and artists.

Integrated Learning: 

Students utilze technolgy, library resources, and utilize the materials and concepts to create presentations and project for other

Middle School courses.