Architectural Drawing

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Essential Questions: 

When drawing groups of buildings how does the artist (architect) use one and two point perspective in the same drawing?

How does the architect create different textures of glass, metal, wood, brick?  Can you make those textures?

How does the "City Drawing" help the student learn to discriminate between essential and non-essential information?




Habits Of Mind: 

Students learn to work with the big picture and detail at the same time.



Careful observation.

Risk taking to take on such a detailed challenge.


Observation of the drawing and the acuracy of the perspective.

Appreciation of different line quality and technique of drawing foliage.



Location of a city landscape.  Some to be suggested by the instructor and later chosen by the class as a group.

Frozen Music by Giddion Bosker

Basic Perspective Drawing A Visual Approach by John Montague

Multicultural Dimension: 

A better understanding of architecture style and cultural differences from one city to another.

A better understanding of how cities are organized.


Integrated Learning: 

Architecture integrated with Uban Studies.

Perspecitve drawing integrated with geometry.