7th Visual Arts- Portrait Drawing

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Essential Questions: 

-What do portraits of people reveal about different periods in history and about  what a cultural values.

 -What media will best serve the student's portrait study?
-How does a self-portrait serve as a developmentally appropriate study?
-Which of the Elements of Design are the most effective to focus on?

-How does altering light source, symertry or intense hues influence

the person being drawn?






Student do a series of drawings.

Two prepeatory studies, one Black and white and one color.

Students will do a black and white self portrait study.

The final project is a large color parallel projection

done in the style of the artist Chuck Close.

Skills and Processes: 

*Students will do two black and white drawings that utilize

light source, shading, gray scale, facial symmetry

and techniques with graphite.

Student will do two color drawings that utilize light source

hue, shading, facial symmetry, parallel projection, color mixing with

soft pastels, cray pas, and prismacolor pencils.

Students may use Photshop to inhance and modify portriats


*Class Critiques, Individual Critiques, Peer Critiques, Self-assessments, Teacher narratives and Teacher/student conferences


Web based sources that include: Art Gallery, Art Musuems, Individual Artists web sites,

as well as current arts periodicals, books,as well as visits to  artist studios, galleries,

and museums .

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Source material will utilize work that includes; Japanes prints, pre and post Renaissance, early European and comtemorary example of portraiture

from diverse cultures throughout history.


Integrated Learning: 

The skils and design concepts will be utilized in grade level studies that include presentations for studies about mainstream cultures.