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This year-long, advanced media production course is intended as a companion course to various senior offerings in the English department. Students will learn about various documentary and narrative film genres and will produce short, scripted films based on content developed in their English classes. Prerequisite: successful completion of Media Arts or equivalent. Juniors may enroll with consent of the instructor. This class will meet two times per week for the entire year; upon completion, students will receive one full credit.

Media Arts

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In this year-long course, students will learn the fundamentals of video production, including lighting, cinematography, sound recording, and editing. Although the class is intended for the novice filmmaker, experienced students are welcome, and projects will be adapted to challenge their individual skill levels. Class time will be primarily devoted to student- and instructor-designed projects that may include video poetry, music videos, public-service announcements, short features, and documentary projects. Our emphasis will be on developing projects from concept (preproduction) through construction (production and postproduction) to culmination (screening).