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A View into Teaching and Learning
The curriculum at Catlin Gabel is broadly defined to include content, skills, knowledge and the development of character, creativity, and habits of mind, such as perseverance and thoughtful risk taking. In addition to academics, the curriculum builds on creative thinking and imagination, social and personal competence, and moral and ethical development.
A walk through the Beginning School, music room, woodshop, mini gym, and the beautiful wooded campus reveals a high level of student engagement in learning, playing, and exploring. The Beginning School curriculum focuses on the learning process as well as skill building.  Students are encouraged to explore, investigate, and relish the intrinsic joy of learning. The teachers shape the curriculum to develop the students’ capacity to think deeply, to make close observations, to experiment, and to question.  The curriculum provides direct hands-on experiences that bring students into contact with the ideas of their peers through collaborative work.  In this way, learning is meaningful and contextual.  The teachers foster supportive, mutually respectful and trusting relationships with their students, and build a community in their classroom to empower students and create a safe space to learn and be.
The curriculum provides age- appropriate challenges that stretch emerging capabilities. Teachers balance and consider the needs of each student as they guide students to build their capacities and skills.  We are committed to responsive teaching and learning, so the curriculum map is a guide, rather than a fixed blueprint. This means that the curriculum is under constant review and thus the map is an evolving document.

To view the curriculum map, click here.