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Proyecto de comida
clases de salsa

The level four course involves further study of grammatical structures and verb tenses, the acquisition of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and the development of a sound oral and written proficiency at the intermediate high level. Students continue the study of Spanish grammar and verb tenses: past tenses (preterit, imperfect, and present perfect), the imperative, the future, and the subjunctive. The class is conducted primarily in Spanish (the exception being some grammatical explanations), and students are expected to participate verbally on a daily basis. Students read from an anthology, as well as a selection of works (short stories, poems, song lyrics, and a novel) by authors representative of the Spanish-speaking world.

Useful Links

Internet activites for Nuevas Vistas On-line link for our textbook; check it out!

¡Vamos a editar! Needed documents for peer editing.

Great on-line verb conjugator

Diccionarios en Internet List of on-line dictionaries

¡Recursos útiles! Spanish grammar and tutorial resources. Cool Spanish Lang. site

RETANET Resources for Teaching About the Americas (Cool Links)

Estudiar con tarjetas electrónicas Electronic Flash Cards in Spanish

¿Quién quiere ser un millonario?--juego

Salsa Therapy Leer y escuchar al artículo sobre el uso de salsa como terápia para los enfermos en Cuba...

Oral Proficiency Checklist Fantastic resource for improving listening comprehension. Real-time video clips of native speakers talking about a variety of topics.

La página de Don Carlos Some interesting activities you can use for additional practice.

José Martí ---versos sencillos (Guantanamera)

Práctica con el condicional

Práctica con el subjuntivo Review of subjunctive as seen in song "Ojalá que llueva café" by Juan Luis Guerra followed by excercises.

Foreign Language Newspapers and Magazines Una lista de enlaces de prensa en español.

Language Learning Center Great resource page

Sandra Cisneros Página oficial de la escritora.

Actividad 1 para la película ¨Real Women Have Curves¨ ¿Sabes ¨spanglish¨?

Entrevista con las protagonistas de ¨Real Women Have Curves¨ Actividad de lectura--leer entrevista de 2002 que salió en ¨La prensa de San Diego¨

La herencia hispana en Learn about Hispanic Heritage Moth from Target

Lista de biografias para aprender más sobre la herencia hispana English biographies on well-know Latinos/as

Hispanos famosos Famous Hispanic Hall of Fame

La herencia hispana actividad con biografías

Language Guide Topical vocabulary guide (with illustrations and native pronunciation)