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¡Bienvenidos a Español 2!



CONTENT: This level 2 course involves further study of grammatical structures and verb tenses, the acquisition of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and the development of a sound oral and written proficiency at the intermediate level. Along with a brief review of the concepts learned in level 1, students will be introduced to three past tenses (preterite, imperfect and present perfect), the imperative, the future, and the present subjunctive. The class is conducted almost always in Spanish (the exception being grammatical explanations) and students are expected to participate orally on a daily basis and to be up-to-date with all assignments and homework.

GOALS: 1. To increase vocabulary knowledge and usage. 2. To increase oral expression and overall proficiency to a low-intermediate or intermediate level. 3. To improve writing ability and to perfect the development of a paragraph, letter and/or short composition. 4. To further develop listening and reading comprehension skills. 5. To continue the study of Hispanic culture. 6. To use technology as a means of aiding and enriching students in the language acquisition process.

TEXTS: Vistas 4th edition

READINGS: Students will be reading a selection of works (short stories, poems, articles,etc…) representing the Spanish speaking world.


A. WRITTEN END-OF-THE-TERM REPORTS and all TESTS will reflect the following evaluative words: 'Excellent, Nearly Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fairly Good, Better than Satisfactory, Satisfactory, Less than Satisfactory, Barely Passing, Failing.

B. DAILY ASSIGNMENTS, WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, SHORT QUIZZES, ORAL PRODUCTION ASSESSMENTS and PROJECTS will be evaluated using the following guidelines: Excellent range= task was accomplished completely, language had minimal errors. Good range= task was accomplished, language had some errors but they did not interfere with comprehensibility. Satisfactory range= task was mostly accomplished, more errors present and some interference with comprehensibility. . Less than satisfactory range= task was not accomplished fully, language somewhat incomprehensible, too many errors. Poor= task was not accomplished, majority of work either incomprehensible and/or in English or direct translation from English noted, too many errors.



Useful Links

On-line verb conjugator

¡Recursos útiles! Grammar and tutorial resources.

Foreign Launguage News and Newspapers Contiene una lista de enlaces muy buenos de prensa en español.

Spanish proficiency exercises A wonderful resource to practice skills, learn grammer and topic specific vocabulary and hear a variety of native accents.   This site has it all--including video and audio podcasts!

La cocina mexicana If you want to learn about Mexican cooking, check out this site!

Diccionarios en Internet List of on-line Spanish dictionaries that are reliable.

Language Guide Topic specific vocabulary guide (with illustrations and native pronunciation) in español

Estudiar español Learn Spanish

Mundo Latino tu idioma, tu gente, tu cultura...tu comunidad en el Internet. Page of links organized by category. Great way to gain access to information in Spanish.

Lenguage Helpful resources about the Spanish language or "apectos del lenguaje español". Great world language search engine! (Spanish search engine)

Oddbite Inc. Spanish Verb Conjugation Machine Una buena manera de practicar la conjugación de los verbos.

El Mundo El Mundo en linea (on-line newspaper from Spain)

Prensa Libre Edición Electrónica--Guatemala Prensa Libre (on-line newspaper from Guatemala)

Online Spanish Newspaper link Resource offering links to many newspapers from the Spanish speaking world.

¿Quién quiere ser un millonario?--juego Cool game to test your knowledge of Spanish.

Oral Proficiency Checklist Fantastic resouce to improve listening comprehension skills. Real-time video clips of native speakers talking about a variety of topics.

La página de Don Carlos An eclectic collection of Spanish language activities and links.

Aprender sobre los objetos directos Learn about and practice use of direct object pronouns.

Aprender sobre los objetos indirectos Learn about use of indirect object pronouns

Gramática y ortografía--página creada por Juan Manuel Soto Arriví Great source for learning more about rules of Spanish grammar.

Ayuda con la escritura en español. Help with writing in Spanish--Useful terms and vocabulary.

Language Learning Center Great resource page especially for reading and listening comprehension practice.

Microsoft Spanish Keyboard Layout