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Seventh grade students learn the necessary life skills to maintain healthy functioning as they prepare for mid to late adolescence and beyond.  The curriculum covers a range of areas including drug and alcohol education, sex education, assertiveness training and healthy communication and problem solving.  Within the drug and alcohol curriculum, students learn about the science of addiction and the latest brain studies as they relate to even mild use of substances on brain development.  The class focuses on refusal skills and how to handle situations that involve peer pressure.  Making wise decisions in the moment, is a key life skill that students will work on. 


The sex education class focuses on practical issues of teen sexuality in today's world.  Students learn about protection, STDs and HIV, how to set boundaries and limits on sexual activity as they relate to safety and readiness.  The media and social pressures are viewed in context as they often inform or mold student ideas about sex  to some extent.  We aim to teach critical thinking and help students to make decisions that are comfortable, safe and right for them and their family values.  Media influence is an overarching focus of the curriculum.