7th grade arts

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In this rotation we are working with the following elements of design: value, color, and symmetry to draw the human head. Students have to utilize shading, light source, aspects of color, and the multitude of new discoveries about the face. Students do a total of four drawings. The first two are magazine pictures that each focus on value and then color. These first two works are the warm-up for the later two works. Drawing number three is either a self-portrait or a drawing of their art teacher in black and white. This work allows them to demonstrate what they have learned on the first two drawings. The final drawing has several ways that it can be done.  They may do just a color self-portrait, experiment with substituting warm and cool colors, or they may chose to do a large “parallel-projection” drawing in the style of the artist Chuck Close. In the final drawing they demonstrate their understanding and skills to make the aesthetic decisions that control the visual outcomes of the work.