Classroom Procedures

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Class Procedures


Home-School Communication

One of the most important factors in your child’s educational success is active, regular communication between home and school.  Please feel free to stop by the classroom after school or send a note anytime about school or home events which may be affecting your child’s performance, questions or concerns, or just plain old funny anecdotes.  All of us on the second grade team prefer to communicate via email or in person.  Please feel free to email us anytime at:


Dawn Sieracki:

John Mayer:

Suzie Roane:

John Hellman

Shaina Langley


We will respond to emails within 24 hours.  Also, you may call Julie at the Lower School Office (503-203-5102) if you need to reach us immediately.  Lastly, our home phone numbers are listed in the school directory.  We ask that you contact us at home for emergency purposes only.


In honor of our school commitment to sustainability, second grade newsletters will be emailed at the end of the week.  Please be sure to read the class newsletter regularly.  We are counting on you to stay informed! We have a parent message board outside the classroom door and a bulletin board for student work at the top of the stairs.  Be sure to check in regularly.


Safety and Picking up Your Child

If you need to take your child from school before 3:10, you must come to the room.  We will not allow a child to go to the curb unaccompanied between 8:30-3:10 because of safety issues.  Any child not picked up by 3:20 will be taken to After School Care. 


Please notify us of any special going home instructions (other than After School Care or associated activities) on the clipboard located at the entrance to the room.

These would include messages such as, “ is going to the curb today,” or “ will be going home with .“ 



Please send two HEALTHY snacks a day. Students have the opportunity to snack at 9:50 and 1:35.


Water Bottles

Water bottles are great to bring to school! Reusable bottles are great so we don’t fill our landfills with disposable, plastic water bottles! Please put your child’s name on the bottle.


Medications, Allergies, and Illness

Please send an inhaler or an Epi-pen to school if your child needs one.  The school office and the PE room also like to have them.  Please let us know right away if there are any allergies or medical conditions we need to know about.


Children with fevers need to stay at home so we don’t spread illness through the classroom. Children are expected to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  



The MOST important daily homework for every student, 365 days a year, is READING!  Every student should read “just right books” by him/herself and be read to by others on a regular basis for 20-30 minutes a day.  Reading is the foundation for success in all other areas of learning.  In addition to reading to and with your child, teach him or her good habits by demonstrating how to turn off the TV or computer and find a quiet place to read.  


There will often be a paper-based assignment relating to some current work in the classroom.  Please help your child remember that it is his or her responsibility to complete and return the homework each week.  We are hoping to lay the foundation for some very important study habits in his or her future.  


We are also counting on you to practice basic addition and subtraction facts (up to 20) with your child.  Most children need repeated practice to solidify their automatic recall of math facts.  Practicing at home on a regular basis not only increases children’s speed and confidence, but it also liberates valuable active working memory space to allow children to tackle more complex math problems with greater success.  We will provide some guidance and structure for coaching your child’s basic math fact practice at home.



There are three formal conferences during the school year.

  • September:  Second Grade Getting-to-Know-You Conferences.  School is in session.
  • November 7 and 8, 2013:  teachers meet with parents to discuss the progress of your child and goals for next term
  • March 6 and 7, 2014:  teachers, children, and parents meet for student-led conferences.


Field Trips

We will have several field trips throughout the year.  We will always inform you ahead of time through notes and newsletters! We will have one one overnight on October 3 in the fir grove on campus and one in May (date TBD) to Opal Creek. 


 Please label ALL clothes, especially coats, fleeces, and hats and pick them up from the hallway each day (especially important as winter comes).



In second grade, we will be celebrating birthdays on a monthly basis.  Each month, we will host a single celebration on the last Thursday of the month to recognize all of the birthday children. Summer birthdays will be invited to celebrate their birthdays in June.


A special note regarding birthday parties occurring outside of school:  please do not send any invitations through the classroom, unless the entire class is invited to a party.  Please do not use school as a pick-up spot for after-school or weekend birthday parties.



Our Parent Representatives will help to plan two parties this year: one at the end of October for Halloween, and one on Valentine’s Day. Parents help to set up the parties and are welcome to join us for the festivities.



Parent Help

School success is fostered by parent involvement. Parent involvement may occur in MANY shapes and forms.  For many parents, volunteering to work in your child’s classroom on a regular basis is not possible.  You may read with your child on a regular basis, join us on a field trip, appear as a “special guest,” or complete small projects at home for use in the classroom.  Most importantly, talk with your child about his/her time at school everyday.


We welcome help in the homeroom during various times throughout the year.  Many special subject teachers welcome volunteers as well.  There will be opportunities to sign up to help with special projects and Drive Time on Friday afternoons. Please remember that parent volunteers are present as a resource for all children, are expected to hold their work with children in confidence once they have left the classroom, and are entrusted to celebrate each and every child’s accomplishments.  A request for volunteers will be sent out when we need help with a special project.


Also, although they are impromptu and can be fun, drop-in visits are often distracting for young children.  To make your time in the classroom worthwhile, please be sure to make arrangements with us ahead of time if you would like to visit the classroom during school hours. There will be spots on the calendar outside the classroom to sign up for volunteer visits. Please send us an email to coordinate a time during the day for your visit. Lunch dates with your child are always a greatly anticipated treat and need not be pre-scheduled.  Ask your child if s/he would like you to visit for lunch someday!