Mandarin Chinese

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After completing our Moon Cake unit, the class learned to use interrogatives to create and answer questions, and developed a skit that incorporated the nine question words.  Currently, we are studying a new unit with a focus on describing the contents, functions and appearance of their houses and rooms.  Each student uses a shoebox to create their ideal room.  Students will learn to use directional words to describe the content of these shoebox rooms.  For their end of unit project, students will do a Power Point presentation about their house.  They will take pictures of their homes and create a PPT slide show to present in class.  This will be the students' first PPT presentation in the Chinese class.  During presentations, we will recycle the interrogatives they have learned to create authentic questions for the presenters to answer.  After this unit ends, we will "move into" the community and learn about the neighborhood.  The key communicative functions being sought include being able to describe, and to ask and answer questions.