5th Grade Mandarin

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Welcome to 5th Grade Mandarin Chinese Class  五年级中文欢迎你!

We've reviewed colors, fruits, time in the past couple weeks. We've reviewed daily activities and personal hobbies so our students can report their daily schedule. Currently they are using the same vocabulary in different sentence structure to express someone's ability. Children will create a story book about a "super hero" who can/cannot do many things. After this unit, we'll learn community jobs to describe occupations of people the children know. Next, we're off to learn the different rooms in a house so that our children can say "what they're doing and where". So next time if they're answering that question in Chinese, be sure to praise their effort.

5th grade will present their graduation play, based on the classical Chinese story of a brave girl- MuLan. So we've been working on the script of the different characters. 



http://ilc.k12.edu.tw/1002613986/page1.htm (Please cut/paste this link to a new window). 


Writing Chinese characters in stroke orders

Fifth Grade Curriculum Map



Q: What is the class schedule?

A: We meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays (10:10 ~ 10:50). You're welcomed to stop by and learn a few Chinese with us!

Q: What is our goal in the last year of LS Chinese program?

A: First, they should be proud of finishing the course of Introductory Chinese. Now they've exposed and learned some basic conversations about personal information, preferences, descriptions of people/animals, community, natural environment, and general concept of Chinese character formation by the 5th year in LS Chinese.

We hope that our children have been proud of their progress and achievement so that their interest in learning Chinese language and culture will continue to grow with them into middle school, in which they will have the chance to travel to Taiwan with our MS Chinese teacher and fellow students for real-life conversation practice and first-hand cultural immersion.

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