First Grade Science

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First Grade topics typically include

Introductory experiments, "magic tricks," and discrepant events—
these familiarize children with the lab and basic scientific processes and behaviors; focus on explaining and understanding what is actually happening.

investigating basic arthropod (insect, arachnid, crustacean) anatomy and physiology; how insects, spiders, crabs, and other creepy, crawly critters work. We explore and answer, "What is a bug?"

Campus explorations, habitats, and biomes—
investigating and familiarizing children with our campus environment, habitats and biomes.

Geology, rocks, and change—
sorting and classification; similarities, differences, and changes in rocks; rock types and formations; fossils and dinosaurs; use of rock polishing equipment to better "see" rocks.

Magnetic energy—
what magnets are; what they can and cannot do; how magnets work; exploring with magnetic toys.

Sound energy—
causes and production of sound; sound qualities; making and changing sounds; vibrations and musical instruments.