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Useful Links  Biomimicry, how to get help and ideas from nature's designs. 

Encyclopedia of Life  A catalog of life on earth!

Animal Diversity  A searchable website for animal research

Cascades Volcano Observatory Mt. St. Helens updates

Hatfield Marine Science Center A great resource for the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Aquarium Our own world-class aquarium

Oregon Paleo Lands Institute An excellent resource for fossil hunting, classes, and family travel in John Day River Basin

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Monterey Bay Aquarium An excellent resource for all things marine

Ocean Explorer Real-time and past explorations of the ocean--very cool stuff

American Museum of Natural History

Sid the Science Kid, PBS

Science News for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

National Gardening Association. A great resource for garden tools, resources, and stuff for kids

"Ten Cool Sites" from the Exploratorium

For Kids Only--Earth Science Enterprises, NASA

Insect Images--great pictures!  Sand collection photos, just like in the science room

ASDA Read all about Autism Service Dogs here  Good gardening resource