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Revels song 2012

Hello folks!

At the bottom of this page you'll find a PDF with the lyrics for the Mandarin Chinese song for this year.
Practice this weekend at home and have fun!


Welcome to Mandarin Chinese Class   歡迎學中文 (欢迎学中文)

It's exciting to learn another language and culture because it requires some degree of risk-taking and an open mind. Mandarin Chinese is the official language spoken in mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore and other parts of the world, which accounts almost a quarter of the population .

The LS Chinese curriculum combines vertical alignment and horizontal connection to ensure students are exposed to vocabulary and language funtions of various themes/topics through a spiral curriculum to facilitate retention and further build proficiency in our sequential FLES model. We meet 3 times weekly for 40 minutes each lesson.

Through the Lower School Chinese program, students are expected to learn basic conversation (listening & speaking skills) via sensory, singing, communicative games, stories, role-playing, and hands-on projects. They will also explore both simplified and traditional characters when their cognitive development is ready and appropriate from 3rd through 5th grades.

This site is intended for parents and students of Catlin Gabel, therefore for review material, please go to "insideCatlin" and sign up for your own Moodle account to access links of games and picture/audio files. Let's have fun and enjoy the ride!