Poetry Box #8, 2011 - 2012

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by Carolyn Seeley
March 13, 2012

Why did I let it get this far?
i’m just a man in a royal jacket
all the way
to this point
where i look
in her eyes
tell her she is
a monster
the one i trusted
who bombarded me
with my own sorrow
my life
she is the beast
Have i been told to kill her?
just watching my life falling apart behind me
going into battle but straining my neck to look back
sorrow        pain     
from the knife
in my back
or the spear
in my heart
why not turn around, but
i have gotten too far into the fight

Who started this?
it was my own fault for trying too hard
to move away
from not only
the creature
but the person who showed me
all the wrong steps
to fail
giving me all the answers
to get the right questions wrong
to go around the right obstacles
but miss my chances
to make her stay
and help me
get on
my way
it was the man in the royal jacket
me        myself        my fault
how to circumvent the people
that could have saved me
but I don’t know
if i’m deceased
or if i should be
mortal        gone        lost
from my own inadequate brain
but the only quandary is
there was no explanation to why
i had to
slay my



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