Poetry Box #6, 2011 - 2012

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My New Shoes
by Katie McClanan
March 8, 2012

my new shoes sink into the brown sea of sludge
life is too short to be clean
why bother with new shoes
when they are just going to get dirty
why bother go to school
when i’m gonna flunk
who cares
not my mom
she’s too busy with
but me
to care
if she wants to dish it out
i’ll serve it right back
so what i’m small,
so what i’m a girl
girl’s are just as strong

in less then an instant
a cloth is jammed in my mouth
another wrapped over my eyes
hands grab my waist
I’m thrown into a van
as black as tar
oozing through the cracks of my jacked up life
my vocal chords struggle for sound
I moan like an injured animal
kicking and thrashing
my bruised cut bound limbs
i’m too shocked to care
and mom won’t pay the hostage money anyway
bet you 20 bucks she won’t notice for a week or two
bet 50 she’d be glad there’s one less mouth to feed
bet she didn’t want me in the first place

why struggle and squeal and kick
when you can’t fix anything?
why keep breathing
if you have nothing to live for?
people say to reach for the stars
why waste your strength reaching if you never gonna get there
guess this is the end of me
dear lord
give my new shoes
to someone who wants em’



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