Poetry Box #16, 2011 - 2012

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Spring Ballet
by Kathryn Putz
May 22, 2012

The cherry blossoms
With petals, so delicate and young
That the moon only shines on them
In the balmy then cool air
Of early spring

They arrive, before the
Blistering summer days
That scorch and wilt their precious
But after the dark
Barren months of the earth’s

Silky pink crescents
Out of their shadowed cocoon
Atop the citadel that held so strong

For a fortnight
They come
Rosy with the joy of existence
Their hearts, feeble yet so determined
To fly

They flutter, blushing color at one another
Each one coming to rest
Peaceful, watching Spring evolve into a feast of living

They sing
A beautiful affectionate tune
That one's ears could only hear in the arms of
That in the evolving season is so prosperous

And on the way to the ground
The flowers from the cherry trees
Dance a waltz
So that everyone admiring their charm
Can move to the harmony
Of life out of the dark blanket

With the last pillows of exuberant sunshine
They fall to rest on the warm ground
And their hearts stop
Floating gracefully into the powerful
Of the earth

Adding healthful thoughts for the year to come
The season of budding warmth and creation
Moves into its full bloom
All because of the

Cherry blossoms


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