Poetry Box #15, 2011 - 2012

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A Purpose of Life
by Morgan Bartlett
May 22, 2012



We begin

like a seed

so small

not yet in the world

so far

we’ve been growing bigger

like a berry

expanding in the lukewarm soil



born into a new world 

from the dirt 

no bigger 

than a pinecone 

the scion’s 

green fingers 

sprouting into air 

a sapling 





The sun bestows thoughts and wonders 

like us, when we learn 

from everyone 


now life has started 

Like a trunk 

thick as a barrel 

and leaves 

big as a hand 

Shall we find a partner 

to have part of our life with?



our life line ends 

and the tree withers 

into nothing but ash




A light shines 

just for a little while 


a sprout rises from the dust pile 

with second hope 


You never know 

When a story ends 

there is always a sequel 

like the mighty oak 

repeating its cycle



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